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"LOLITL" stands for "Laughing Out Loud In The Library". It is an etymological expansion of the initialism "LOL", and enjoys similar usage. The use of "LOLITL" is, however, stronger than "LOL", in that it indicates a stronger physiological response to humor. Note, however, that the use of "LOLITL" is not limited as a reference to laughter taking place in a library, since it refers not just to the event of laughing, but to the concomitant disposition to laugh, where the disposition is so strong it would manifest even if one were in a library.
Person 1: "I don't understand why they include the vow 'to have and to hold' in wedding ceremonies. It's a spouse, not a Chia Pet."
Person 2: "LOLITL!"
by Siebenschlafer July 14, 2011
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