an acronam for lack-of-knowledge used by only one person named curtis in arizona and in california, usually claims to be a geniOus with an o.
stupid fuckin' L.O.K.
by lok626 September 08, 2009
a lazy way to say LOL & OK at the same time.
ex;; i'll meet you later said sally, lok, said joe.. (in a text message)
by jsoul33 December 21, 2008
An abbrevation for "lots of kisses". Intened to symbolize affection through texting. (LOK)
Tabitha: " Sara LOK! See you Thursday!"

Sara: " LOK to you too bestie!"

Example 2

"Jenny Jacckson received a text from Gregg saying 'LOK', you know what that means."said Tabitha
by tatersalad1994 June 01, 2014
lok - (verb) To show that one's thumb is to fat for one's phone
That is so funny!! lok
by thedramaking77 October 09, 2011
A term used with lol and k (short for ok) combined.

A lot of people put lol at the end of a sentence to make it seem complete.

normally used it as a question
Hes going to call me to get his shirt back meet me there lok?
by Its_boobookittyfuck February 09, 2009
LOK is an alliance guild on Monnoroth that is pretty kick ass, and likes to think of themselves as a group of friends, who happen to raid together.
LOK= Legacy of Khan
1) Jack off my target

2) Balls down

3) keep me topped

by whoot October 02, 2006
Someone who is constantly doing something hilarious and stupid, often not on purpose. He is usually Asian and is happy 24/7
Wow, that guy is such a Lok.
by Steel-69 May 05, 2007

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