Someone who is constantly doing something hilarious and stupid, often not on purpose. He is usually Asian and is happy 24/7
Wow, that guy is such a Lok.
#lok #lokk #loc #loks #lokker
by Steel-69 May 05, 2007
A stupid vietnamese retard that is a disgrace to his own country and should go kill himself. To be named something like lok is because the parents didnt want the kid and he was a mistake and they wish they could take it back
Man dude you are such a fucking lok
#loc #lok #lock #luck #cock
by GodlyofGod February 07, 2008
Acronym For Legacy of Kain. A game series with an extremely complex storyline but mediocre battle system. except Defiance. It's set in Nosgoth and follows a Vampire - Kain, and a Demon-like Wraith - Raziel.
I was playin LOK yesterdays and got pissed off.
by CoolQuatre December 29, 2003
what the crips will call each other
Crip Banger 1: Wad up lok wat chu bean doin?
Crip Banger 2: i robbed some bitch and raped her. how bout yo lokkin nigga ass
by Eric January 03, 2005
a very hot bboy, 13, young HOTTTTTTTT and strongggg
intellgent, mixed with emotions, loves diana. hehehehehe
by Jacob March 12, 2005
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