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'When a group of lads go on tour they become lodz. They consume alcohol and get into fights; they're solid and should be avoided if you encounter them in groups. Often led by a smaller male, who knocks people the fuck out'

A lad on tour.
Informal . a familiar or affectionate term of address for a man; chap.

1250–1300; Polish lodde < ?; compare late Old English Lodda

—Related forms
lod·dish, adjective
lod·hood, noun <(where the lods mass to)
Lod 1. 'If this guy keeps bumping into me i'm going to punch him in the face until his eye's melt.'

Lod 2 (speaking on behalf of all the other lodz in the group)

'I don't blame you, he's a douche'.

*Guy bumps into Lod 1*
Lod 1 throws punch, the rest of the Lodz decend onto Guy, a flurry of fists, vengence in the form of complete violence ensues.

Lod 1 'We fucking showed him'

Lod 2 'Can't mess with the Lodz'
by Artski April 18, 2011
Top Definition
Short for the Legion of Doom, one of the most influential hacker groups of the 1980's and 1990's.

The Legion Of Doom as it was known may no longer exist -- but the vital knowledge left behind by the pioneers of hacking does!
The Legion of Doom was founded by the hacker Lex Luthor to educate new generations of hackers on the internet
by Blackadder II October 07, 2004
A group of elite baseball players,
must obtain a natural aptitude for baseball,
and have skills well beyond the
comprehension of others. Purely Badass.
Guy1: "wow, those guys are good, who are they"?

Guy2: "thats John, Mike, and Reuben"

Guy1: "those guys must be LOD"
by MikeJ#GTHC June 18, 2011
Onling Gaming Clan that has been around since '97. They are pk'ers, greifers, and basically a bunch of jerks.
LoD just ganked me so hard my girlfriend felt it.
by Noob5678 March 02, 2006
A group of people, guys and girls.
'Who's coming out tonight?'
'All the lods'
by um49 February 04, 2010
A new scouse derivative for the word lad or lid, meaning a male from the North West region.
"Alright lod" meaning "Hello good sir"
by Scouse Bay October 27, 2011
Legacy Of Darkness

a clan in starcraft that has lived for less than a year an is still going strong. a takeoff from l)ark_Empire clan but has sense outlived it so far.
Long live LOD)
by Yoda March 30, 2004
Long old dick
She wants that L.O.D.! She gonna learn today!
by Mister master March 19, 2013
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