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An acronym that stands for, "Laughing my cats off." Originating from the geeky MacRumors forums where a member laughed so hard, his/her cats were scared off the bed.
"Dude, I heard that Apple's gonna release a PowerBook G5 next Tuesday!"

by joe_schmo February 08, 2007
Laughing My Cats Off: Laughing at something while ones cats are on your bed, causing them to fall/jump off the bed. Therefore - Laughing my Cats off
Hahaha, LMCO!
by Mark Nicholson February 08, 2007
A new term for 'LOL'. Means laughing my cunt off.
Kelly - "LMAO!"
Arielle - " Don't you mean LMCO?"
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008
Laugh My Culo Off
Bum :Damn Nigga U Gay
Bum #2 : LMCO
by Koopay October 07, 2009
laughing my cock off
joe: my girlfriend just dumped me

mike: lmco
by Abdhul July 17, 2006
Lead My Cunt On - When a guy winds you up into the false believe that he is into or wants you but it never happens
That guy would always LMCO. by flirting with me
by teefkat May 26, 2010
definition: laughing my cum off
guy1: dude. look at that girl. shes hot.
guy2: yea. lmco.
by mactheman069 January 24, 2008

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