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A abbreviation for the phrase 'laugh like Niall'.
Originated because of the adorable laugh of Mr Horan, only Irish member of the British/Irish boyband, One Direction.
'lol' was becoming too frequent in the 1D Family so Directioners now use the phrase lln instead.
*gif of the boys and Paul dancing*

Directioner 1: HAHAHAHAH A++++++
Directioner 2: IKR, LLN!!!!
by indiastyles April 30, 2012
Limited Liability Nigga, self employed worker that does not have insurance or pay taxes.
yea you can pay bob villa like 5 zillion million billion dollas to to fix yo toilet or you can get a LLN like jojo to do it fo 50 bucks, dats how i do.
by Shenorock January 14, 2011