LNN can also mean LAUGH LIKE NIALL if you're a Directioner.
So,if you see this word on One Direction pics it probably means that.
*funny pic of Louis and Niall*
Someone on facebook: OMG that's so funny,I'm dying here! XD

Another person: HAHAHAH. ;DD LLN!
by DirectionSwifty13 May 17, 2012
If you see this on One Direction photos, you can be sure that means Laugh Like Niall.

Why Niall? Because he's the member of band, who laughs about everything
Look at Larry, theyr gonna get married! LLN
by cgolding May 26, 2012
Laughing Like Niall

Used by directioners (One Direction-fans), instead of lol, because Niall Horan's laugh is so, according to them, beautiful.
Though has many directioners stopped using the term, as Niall found out and the abbreviation made him a little sad. Now, some directioners use "LNL", Loving Niall's Laugh.
Random persons:
Person 1: *joke*
Person 2: LOL!

Person 1: *joke*
Person 2: LLN!
by stetzy May 24, 2012
Laughing Like Niall
you think harry's straight?
by lulululou May 01, 2012
It's what Directionners (One Direction fan's) use instead of lol. It means ''Laugh Like Niall''. Niall is a membre of the british group One Direction.
Person 1: Look at that persons' clothes!! Haha!!
Person 2: Haha!! Lln!!!
by ed-direction May 15, 2012
Laugh Like Niall (Horan). A term used by Directioners, and is the 'new' LOL. Niall is a singer in the band One Direction, and laughs at almost everything! He has the funniest and most adorable laughter ever!
Person: OMG, One Direction is sooo gay!

Directioner: LLN! Ikr. That's so true!
by This1DefulWorld April 28, 2012
Les Legions Noires (The black legions)

A gathering of french black metal/dark ambient bands, with the most famous being Vlad Tepes, Mütiilation, Torgeist, Brenoritvrezorkre and Belketre.
Mütiilation got kicked out of the LLN due to the only still remaining member Meyhna'ch's drug problems.
by d-lln April 15, 2007

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