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Known on Battle.Net's Diablo 2 for Low Level Dueling. Other forms such as "vlld" meaning very low level dueling and "mld" for Mid level dueling. Usually involves players who try to perfect their equipment at lower levels to beat players at similar or higher levels. This branch of dueling has a lesser chance of having hacked or personally modified items, thus expanding its popularity.
LLDs range depending on class and level, usually from lvl 15-30.
by Icanneverwin April 20, 2006
Love Lockdown- Someone who has become literally locked down by their love. Someone who is sprung to the point of whipped and all their friends can see it even if they cannot.
My friend Gunner is on that LLD with Casey for sure!
by Gdelaveg December 25, 2008
a little lie down. usually taken in the afternoon.
Hey guys, before I head out i might just have and LLD.
by Alexander Barry May 27, 2008
Loves Licking Dick.. Ususally stand for a man in his early 40's. They tend to be over weight, with long hair and a full beard.
Since David was a child he always had LLD syndrome.
by Dr. Marty Jones December 19, 2003

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