When you are emailing a co-worker next to you and you are laughing in your head.
"Jess that was so funny. LIH)
by jjjjjjweeezzzyyy March 19, 2009
The alternative to LOL, LIH stands for Laugh in Head, because usually people are not actually laughing out loud while instant messaging.
Hey that was kind of funny ... LIH!
by Marjorie June 16, 2005
laughing in head, a more correct word for lol (laugh out loud) because most of the time you dont even laugh
pimp101 dad: i blew his head off

fox man224: lih
And alternative to Lol, as most of the time we are not actually laughing out loud.
That's funny! Lih!!!
by Maaason July 28, 2007
laugh in head
person 1:*something fairly funny*
person 2:lih
by Conformist March 31, 2003
Laughter is Happening.

In the event that you wish to alert someone that laughter is in fact happening.
*Via Textual communication*

Girl one: I slapped him for being a jerk.
Girl two: LIH. he deserved it.

Boy one: She was totally into me last night.
Boy two: Dude, I totally scored with her last night. LIH
by muppetmastera April 14, 2009
An acronym for Laugh in Head, a more accurate version of the commonly used acronym lol.
monkeylover62: I'm sick of Popsicles
thefanman08: That's what she said!
monkeylover62: lih
by 1337rooster January 20, 2008

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