when a person becomes like a preist; short for for Little Boy Toucher
Everyone knows Rob is the LBT of the county and will never see another boy in his site.
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
Litte Brown Trophy; a prime example of a 'latina' and/or some type of spanish girl. Typically under 5'-6" and has a bubble butt(aka, badonkadonk)
Dude, I was down in DC this weekend and picked myself up a LBT. She was smokin'.
by bigsouth August 25, 2008
Litte Boy Thieghs.... When a girl has small uncurvacious thieghs equal to those of a 12 year old boy
Shes got awesome fake breasts but Im not getting off on those LBT's
by BubbleHashBill January 01, 2008
yo worst enemy bishhhhh
LBT gonna wreCc u
by LbT StyL3zZ February 20, 2004
Live by this / live by that
"Have you seen that new poster they made?"
"Yeah dude, I lbt"
by Acronyms April 26, 2015

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