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tattoo on the small of a girls back, usualy done poorly and most often consisting of a tribal design because girls usualy don't like decent tattoos.
That dirty slut of a striper has a lower back tramp stamp, lets take her back to the frat house and run a train on her!
by thatdamngoat July 07, 2006
the way to refer to lower back tramp stamps so that unsuspecting female lower back tramp stamp types don't know your making fun of them.
That lbts is the worst fucking thing i have ever seen, but i bet she puts out.
by thatdamngoat July 07, 2006
emo wana be hardcore bands where there is the screaming singer, and the sensitive emo singer. it is the lowest of all genre.
that band ricky fitts is fucking scream-o as hell. fuck they suck.
by thatdamngoat July 07, 2006
Ethnic slur for Caucasian, white collar types. Especially those who commit white collar crimes, or invade helpless countries.
That office nigger Dick Cheney be gettin all those mother fuckin' no bid contracts.
by thatdamngoat July 07, 2006

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