LB simply stands for "Loose Butthole". This can be used to describe yourself or other people, and it's connotation depends on the situation at hand. Its meaning can be equated to "getting anally penetrated" or just being a sexually loose person. An alternate meaning could be used in the context of being recently bested by a person or task.
John: "Hey have you taken the chemistry test yet?"
Bart: "Oh my god its so hard. I'm so LB right now."

John: "Dude what do you know about Jessica?"
Bart: "I heard she's super LB man go for it."

butthole loose
by BHR69 February 09, 2012
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Little Boy; Often used when describing a male being too cocky or Immature for his age. Hanging around older women and trying to look older for his actual age.
Girl 1: Ew Yesterday this LB tried getting my number.
Girl2: Oh that's gross. Was he smoking?
Girl1: Yeah, but he started coughing halfway through a breath.
Girl2: What an LB.
by petiteCarly September 05, 2009
meaning "little bitch". Often used to describe whiny, complaining Noobs who are constantly bitching.
"Denis is the biggest LB"
by JPHberg November 30, 2006
In a Fraternity, "LB" means "Line Brother".
Guy 1: who's that?
Guy 2: Oh that's my LB, we crossed spring '07.
by Salvadornena July 20, 2008
noun pl. LBs or LB's

1. Acronym for Ladyboy, often used when identifying the gender of tall women with big hands and feet in South East Asia.
Careful Mate, I think you've been snogging an LB!
by Johnny Siffredi March 08, 2010
Short for pound ( as in Marijuana)
Ima get me an lb for dis weekend NICCA
by Stage-4-Neon February 01, 2005

Blogging about something, like a TV episode or presidential speech, as it happens. The term is used frequently on tumblr.
oh god why would they kill him off WHY THAT WAS UNNECESSARY

tags: lb
by iamtoolazyforthisshit November 12, 2012
lazy bastard
dude get your ass up and stop being a LB
by Ace Wayne March 01, 2010

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