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Acronym: Laugh at your face
Person A: I'm up to my neck with work; I have a 3000 word essay, lab report, a math exam and Detention tomorrow
Person B: LAYF
by elhelwy September 15, 2009
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An acronym for 'Laughing At Your Face'
When someone does something silly which is funny you say 'LAYF'. Pronounced as it is spelt.
by CharlotteA September 15, 2012
Lol at your face. Can be used when someone is ugly or someone pulls a funny face.

"Like My Dp?"
by beanie1 November 01, 2007
Laughing At Your Failure

Person A: I just fell into a swimming pool with my brand new iPhone 3G S

Person B: That stinks but still layf.
by Matty McPatty June 24, 2009

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