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Acronym: Laugh at your face
Person A: I'm up to my neck with work; I have a 3000 word essay, lab report, a math exam and Detention tomorrow
Person B: LAYF
by elhelwy September 15, 2009
12 4
An acronym for 'Laughing At Your Face'
When someone does something silly which is funny you say 'LAYF'. Pronounced as it is spelt.
by CharlotteA September 15, 2012
2 0
Lol at your face. Can be used when someone is ugly or someone pulls a funny face.

"Like My Dp?"
by beanie1 November 01, 2007
7 5
Laughing At Your Failure

Person A: I just fell into a swimming pool with my brand new iPhone 3G S

Person B: That stinks but still layf.
by Matty McPatty June 24, 2009
3 4