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Love and Many Kisses.
Danny, I'm your grandma, LAMK
by eicos May 02, 2008
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Laughing Across My Keyboard.
JVTP:Andria is fat!
Seize:lamk, i kno right.
by Jvtp/Seize January 30, 2009
LAMK means "Let a motherfucker know." Used when a person is angered and about to tell someone off in a no-holds-barred way.
I need to LAMK that I don't play that shit!
Don't get LAMK'd!
by ebonysivory March 07, 2010
Laughing At My Computer
Ette:Ive set up aonther WoW account dude!
Kerry:Eugh you major computer geek, stay away!!
Ette:Shut up you douchebag!You wouldnt know what a celerion was if it farted in your face!
by Queene October 02, 2007

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