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An internet joke founded by a group of trolls. It sprung from a tweet executed by the PrinceofTrolls in June 2009 from a typographical error of the website www.iambro.com. It is part of the MediaEmpire. Some think it is a Corporation, but its members vouge for its complete and utter nonsensical troll term.

Other meanings include but are not limited to: 1) an environmental organic company that manufactures douches
2) A type of dog food that makes you play bass. 3) A Mudkip 4) An internet relay service : YO! JUMPING JACKS!

Do you like LAMBRO?

Are you part of LAMBRO?

by Rayvencure June 21, 2009
Two people who both share a love for Lamborghinis or both own or have driven one. Said by Channing Tatum in "22 Jump St."
Jenko : You have a lambo poster too?
Zoom: Yeah
Jenko: Lambro!
by E-rom July 12, 2014