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Abbreviation for the phrase "Like Anyone Gives A Shit." Used to connote utter disregard and/or contempt for the subject or discussion at hand.
Person A:
Did you see what he just did over there to that person's car?

Person B:
by Disgruntled9 March 19, 2010
Acronym: Lansing Area Golfers Association. A huge organization of amateur golfers based in Lansing, Michigan USA. The organization is based on the priciple of having fun during golf and not necessarily following U.S.G.A. strict guidelines of play.
I joined L.A.G.A. so that I could hang with other golfers, have a lot of fun, and make new friends.
by Ryancol September 07, 2010
A mixture of Semen and Shit.
The Paningwa was very unlucky to have stumbled upon a big pile of Laga.
by Repe Peina June 06, 2009

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