abbreviation of 'look to left' used in extreme geeking situations where you are texting someone who is actually in the room with you.
user1:"Wtf?! where u skypin from?"
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
An abbreviation for Learn To Listen
Nerd2:NO UR NOT U N00B
Nerd1:NO IM PWNING!!!111 L2L!!
by TheGreatMaster December 09, 2006
The term "L2L" stands for Laughing Too Loud, in the term of laughing too loud for the time being, derrived from the common term "LOL", standing for Laughing Out Loud.
Carl: -whispering- Dude i know we're taking a test, but that girl over there just farted...

Bob: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carl: Dude ur L2Ling!
by Mr. Master M November 20, 2010
clan of crazy gangstas =X
u n00b.. thats L2L. n0ble is now gonna prolly shoot u in yer leg
by Webster March 10, 2003
Last 2 Live..crazy CS clan of oG gangsters from san diego, ca
who the fuck is *random cal-m clan*? L2L can own em like nothing...
by TyPe-R March 10, 2003

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