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(Pronounced: Key-O-Ko) Is a Japanese female name meaning 'mirror', or 'girl of today', but more than likely she's a girl who kicks ass!
Dude that Japanese chick, Kyoko totally went Kyoko on that asshole! Totally KO!
by Kyt3 June 24, 2008
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A child at heart that resides in an adult body. At times does not listen to people and is very forgetful. Since he/she is forgetful he/she build his/her truth based off other stories and evidence of a certain event. A lot of the times disregards any truth relating to him/her, and is resulted in denial of the truth. Is not giving and is extremely weak with alcohol. Favorite color is Orange and favorite drink is milk. Takes forever to eat, like hours to finish a meal.
"God Josh is such a Kyoko, he denies that he stole my story and made it his own!"
by Jay5t3r September 22, 2014
a city in Japan.
Go to a kyoko.
by bread infection November 30, 2009

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