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Female name of African decent meaning "season's beginning". The "h" on the end places heveanly status on the name.
Kyah is a beautiful girl
by Property of Destiny June 13, 2006
the most amazing girl ever
"kyahs the most amazing girl iv ever met, shes so beautiful, shes just perfect, she can always make you smile, and she has the best smile ever, and she means everything 2 me"
by CooKiE321 December 17, 2008
K-YAH. Verb. A very intense way of announcing a destructive element of your personality in a very physical and mental act.
Guy 1: I just want to do something crazy tonight.

Guy 2: Like what?

Guy 1: I think I'm going to hide behind some couches, and when everyone gets back, I'm just going to jump up with two flaming shots in my hands and chopsticks and be like KYAHHHHHHH!!!!! Basically freak everyone out.
by The KYAH Originator September 15, 2011
Kyah is the craziest girl you know. She loves to party and isn't afraid to try new things. She is extremely outgoing and stands by what she believes.
That girl is definitely a Kyah.
by Kiwij53 January 20, 2016
When Annoying Girls In Anime Harems Get Embarrassed They Scream "KYAHHHH". Mostly Tsunderes
Girl: *Takes A Shower*
Guy: *Walks In*
Guy: I Didn't Mean To
by Define My Life - ANYBODY June 14, 2016
Nothing - not a real word. Random ebonics ghetto name.
I bees kyah!
by #4REAL August 13, 2015
Beauty Elegance and Class
Every woman should have some form of Kyah
by DrMum June 16, 2016
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