(n.) k-oosh The soft, elegant, embracing part of the vagina. Not the FUPA, the lower lip area.
*Kush bumps* good shot broski!

Your kush is so soft and eligant upon my kush.

Guys like a little Kush-in for the pushin.
by KushBumper May 09, 2011
According to Cypress Hill KUSH is the weed that
Just slang for very good weed.
Person 1: Let's get wasted! *pulls out baggie*
Person 2: Well not with your looser stuff. I've got some kush, let's better smoke THAt if you want to get wasted!
by GreenSister January 02, 2011
The best strain of marijuana. Kush is the most potent and highest grade or "Dankest" weed purchasable. Best when rolled into a blunt or smoked out of a bong with anyone who is down for a good time. Everyone stayy stoneyy and Di Hi !!!!!!
by Super Stonerr March 28, 2010
The part of a females undergarment (Bikini, Underwear etc.) that is above the vagina.
"Man, I wonder what her Kush feels like"
by T-R3X April 03, 2012
extremely over-rated name for weed

kush is actually a strain of marijuana

people who know nothing about weed will insist on telling others that they love "smoking kush"

just to let all you faggots out there know, there's other strains of weed.
Faggot kid who just started smoking 2 days ago- Hey dude I just got some bomb kush its so dank im so high! thats good shit!
me- shut the fuck up faggot
by Its420AllDay August 27, 2009
n: one with extremely small meat
v: To extremely struggle with your meat size
Girl: Man, I did a Kush last night, it was pathetic.
by Kush=SmallMeat March 01, 2009
the soft pillowy area around a vagina
i laid my head in her kush and fell asleep right away.
by the almighty kush July 16, 2009
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