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To feel good about your appearance before going out to the club; A way of describing a hot beezy.
Hey, you ready to go to the club?
...yeah Damn I feel Kurry "I'm gonna lay the pipe tonight"
Damn that bitch is Kurry!!
by Ben Ryan Over November 27, 2007
1. An indian person derived from an indian food of the same name curry
2. Indian people crap

1. to dirty something or mess up. Similar to the word anoojify
2. To take a crap

derivatives: kurried, kurrified
King Kurry VII: Whats that smell.
Beanerous Brokus I: Holy crap, King Kurry just made kurry in the bathroom

Man of Ham: What happened to that book
Beanerous Brokus I: That thing was kurrified

Beanerous Brokus I: That smells horrible, I think he just kurried in my car.
King Kurry VII: No I didn't, it wasn't me.
by Beanerous Brokus I December 11, 2005

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