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A picture of a girl peeing, usually taken by one of her girl friends, and usually in an intoxicated state. The most common Kuff is a girl on the toilet, followed closely by a girl squatting outside.
"Whoa, the girl in this Kuff has got a Brazilian goin' on down there!"
by JakeBarnes July 26, 2006
A delightfully underrated motion picture from 1992 starring Christian Slater and Milla Jovavich. Slater is George Kuffs, a high school dropout who takes over his brother's security business after his death. It's up to George to stop his brother's killer and investigate a stolen art ring. It's one part Lethal Weapon and one part Ferris Bueller in this cinematic tour-de-force by Slater. Also quite possibly the greatest film ever made by living man.
I was watching Kuffs yesterday and simply do not understand why Christian Slater did not win an MTV movie award for his performance. I get furious every time I think about the snug of teh critical masterpiece.
by _gerrad April 12, 2010
to strike by any means necessary normally with a slap or a backhander
hafifa gave me a big kuff for calling her tonka tough
by cc July 04, 2004
adjective describing something tight, sweet or cool to the fullest possible extent
You gotta go see Gran Torino, that movie was kuff as hell!
by kufflos January 15, 2009
A word you use when you want to tell your friend whatever horny stuff you did last night, but her mom happens to be her fb friend.
Whoah, i just f**** her so hard....

Dude. My aunt is online.

Oh, oh yeah. Sorry Brah! But still, she can sure kuff my brains out!
by MANDYSLOVER January 09, 2011
The act of connecting all your pink parts with feces.
Gerrad had to eat a lot to be able to expel enough feces to complete a Kuffs.
by FuRyUs April 11, 2010
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