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A green leafy vine found in most parts of the south that grows 6 to 12 inches per night, will grow on YOU if you don't move, and can be used to make paper.
First I gotta hack the kudzu off'n my tractor.
by Edgar April 14, 2003
my dog's name

a vine plant that grows uncontrabbly throught some states. its green and can cover entire pine trees that are 80ft high. you dont want this crap in your yard.
Kudzu, you dumb fleabag, come here!

Damn kudzu grew into my axle again, wheres my bush clippers.
by kid who's dog is named kudzu June 03, 2004
"the spread of comment threads from a small number of commenters that are dozens of entries in length and thousands of words long. "

This is a definition made up by the people at savageminds.
First, kudzu has a chilling effect on conversation, and keeps a wide range of people from participating in the comments.
by Oneota July 23, 2010
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