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an expression of power od domination from one individual to another
Who's your daddy?
by Edgar February 17, 2003
animated misadventures of three adolescent boys who live in the same suburban "cul-de-sac". the trio consist of the husky Ed; edd the gatgeteer and schemer, and eddy the self proclamed leader of the group.
they try to get money in scams that they make but evetually something goes wrong
by Edgar March 13, 2004
the greatest nucca rapper in the music indrusty.
2pac was known all over the world.
by edgar August 12, 2003
A green leafy vine found in most parts of the south that grows 6 to 12 inches per night, will grow on YOU if you don't move, and can be used to make paper.
First I gotta hack the kudzu off'n my tractor.
by Edgar April 14, 2003
The part under a womens breast.
She was washing her xilinge while in the shower
by Edgar January 10, 2005
In a restaurant that is full of hispanics, a floork is a fork that has fallen onto the floor and is put back into use without re cleaning. After put back with the clean silverware, it contaminates the rest of the silverware and all hell breaks loose.
"Aw man, I bet Juan didn't know that he is eating his food with a floork. He probably didn't know it fell onto the floor and Jose put it back with the clean forks."
by Edgar March 28, 2004
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