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Full name Kubo Tite, it's the Bleach mangaka.

He's the the one who can count from 0 to 9. He's the one who can turn the strongest villain in a series into a butterfly. He's the one who says the yellow hair kid is a fire extinguisher.

Kubo, a bad writer but the ultimate troll.
Fuck no, Aizen turn into a butterfly, gin got aizen'd, kubo done it again -_-
by Aviansie1337 August 21, 2010
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The sexiest family you will ever meet. When a bunch of them get together, they normally eat a lot then combine their awesomeness to make fire and/or explosions.
Those are the Kubos...stop drooling, you don't have a chance.
by Holstein September 01, 2010
Ecuadorian work for whats up? or whats good?

Kubo mijo?
kubo bro, como estas?
by AirEd93 February 26, 2009

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