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2 definitions by embeabtpu

The creator of the manga series Bleach. At first was a good author/artist but after awhile he let his dick write the story. The 2nd half of Bleach is soo repetitive but if you can get past it, it gets better. Also Kubo likes to forget about his other characters and just focus on the 4 characters he randomly selected (with exception to Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia the two main) when there is clearly much better characters out there. He is also known for being a troll.
anime guy 1: hey what are you reading?

anime guy 2: bleach

anime guy 1: oh isn't that by Kubo Tite?

anime guy 2: yep
by embeabtpu April 25, 2010
Lindsey Vonn is probably one of the best american female skiers to ever walk the planet. Won gold in Vancouver Winter Olympics and beat Bode Miller's record of 32 World Cup titles with 33 of her own.
Did you see Lindsey Vonn in the Vancouver Olympics this year?

Yeah she was fucking awesome!
by embeabtpu April 25, 2010