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Surname (first name Mike) of the coach of Duke University's men's basketball team, a vile program that has brought the world the likes of Christian Laettner and Shane Battier. Pronounced Sha-sheff-ski, although spelled in the matter it is for reasons known only to few. Can also be used to describe suddenly fainting.
1. "When Laettner hit that shot in '92, Thomas Hill started crying on the bench like a bitch, as if Krzyzewski had just sodomized him."

2. "Blimmer fainted when K-Lo applied the auto-erotic asphixiatory hold. Fat fuck pulled a Krzyzewski."
by Lazarus Ciccone February 10, 2005
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1. god

2. the greatest coach in the history of basketball
mike krzyzewski just destroyed dean smith's record for most NCAA wins - take that, unc biatches!
by A Cameron Crazie March 23, 2005
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Krzyzewski is a polish (westprussia) name.
Krzyz means "croos" and ewski means "from" - so Krzyzewski means from a town named Krzyz.
The ending ski is also part of a lot of polish nobility names.
Mike "Duke" Krzyzewski
by Dennis Krzyzewski July 29, 2004
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oh, sorry - a spelling mistake:
Krzyz means "cross" an Krzyze is the plural ("crosses"). So there are two possible explanations: A person from a town (or a estate) named Krzyz, or a nobleman or baron named Krzyze
a person, born in Krzyz
Baron of Krzyze
by Dennis Krzyzewski July 30, 2004
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