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This term is often used in the northwest. This literally means the action of doing a poo. This in some occasions can be used as a superlative, but only by some people.
It can be used as "Go have a ^krut^" This basically means to go have a poo. This is used as a way of shutting someone up.
by vps_amazin October 17, 2011
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An awesome mothafuckin dude who is actually a much better person than one would think. He plays the idiot to hide a person who actually cares about people.
That person is soo "krut" he acts like an asshole but inside hes a sweet guy
by GFloverrr<3 December 12, 2011
Name: Kurt
t3h m4n w/ t3h pl4nz0r l0l st34lz t3h p3ntiumz lol !11!!11!111 ogm wftbbq!
God, Kurt is such a fucking pussy asshole fuckfuck dickfuck!
by Kurt February 12, 2004

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