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A stupid kid who plays Runescape with his friend named Emporer Diaz. They have gay buttsex 24/7. Emporer Diaz also has no life.
"Dave, did you know Krusha makes weird sounds at night?" Dave: "Yeah, he makes those sounds with me"
#runescape #emporer_diaz #stupid #weird #idiot
by magecutter88 March 17, 2009
A misspelling/mispronunciation of Crusher, OR! The big, blue dumbass from Donkey Kong Country
Krusha: D... Does this mean i can stay up late?
Me: WAIT! PAUSE! Did Krusha just say a child's question, WHEN HE'S FUCKING NOT!!
#donkey #kong #country #krusha #klump #king k rool
by your best idiot April 04, 2010
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