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Sudden change in orientation from vertical to horizontal, due to contact with a body or substance of great influence. Often immediately followed by dizzyness, confusion and or loss of conciousness.
I got so kronwalled at the party last night.

Martin Havlat sure did get Kronwalled in the Western Conference finals.
by hkyfantatic June 01, 2009
krahn-wawld - verb: to smash, level, waste, ravage, devastate, destroy, raze imply reducing something to uselessness. To defeat completely
ex: Martin Havlat was KronWalled so bad he was KO a full second before he hit the ground
by unspontanious May 24, 2009
verb: to smash, level; to devastate, demolish, ravage, or destroy completely. To reduce to uselessness.
Marty Havlat of the Chicago Blackhawks was enjoying a nice game of hockey until he was Kronwalled into unconsciousness.
by June 18, 2009
To be unfairly penalized, especially as a retaliatory act by someone in position of authority; be singled out for superior ability by hostile, biased arbiter and punished unfairly.
When Nick pointed out the professor's mistakes in front of the entire class, he got KronWalled with extra assignments.
by juicius May 29, 2009
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