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the best and most original spelling of the name "Christopher." Tends to be attractive outgoing great guys. The type of guy you can't keep your hands off of.
girl: I need to find a hottie named kristopher
by just me!!! July 04, 2008
503 123
n. 1. a great guy who is kind, talented, intelligent, and rocks a hot body 2. an incredible catch 3. a badminton star

v. 1. to succeed at being AWESOME

adj. 1. awesome 2. endowed 3. hilarious
One girl says to another girl, "Who is that hunk?!" Other girl replies, "That's definitely a kristopher. Dibs."
by m webster February 04, 2010
194 76
The most breathtakingly handsome, amazing and perfect boyfriend I could ever dream, pray, wish, hope or desire for. His light brown eyes fill your heart with warmth. his smile gives you peace and a flutter in your stomach. a kiss desired from his lips. He makes you the happiest just by thinking of you. he's completely adorable, totally funny and sweet. He can make you laugh even when you're feeling blue and your hands you'll wish for him to hold. He calms you with his gentle touch and his incredible hugs keep you so warm, you'll never want to leave his amazing embrace.
Each moment away is like holding my breath... i can't wait to be hugged by Kristopher. I can't wait to see him...
by b020609k June 30, 2010
155 65
the most amazing guy you will ever meet, crazy funny guy, who can make you smile with just a simple silly look, a guy who can make you feel safe in his arms, &&when you hear his heart beat, everything in the world goes silent& his heart is all you hear, & you wish that heart beats for you, this kris is loving, caring, funny&& beyond anything a boyfriend can be, he is honest, loyal, && so trusting. he will make your day every day, he will become your bestfriend,&&he will be the best bestfriend youll ever have, this guy will keep you thinking..dont let the blue eyes fool ya(; ...but i love my kristopher the way he is&&always will♥
girl 1: see that guy over there?
girl 2: *smiles* yes
girl 1: who is that?!
girl 2: that right there, is a kristopher♥
by thee girlfrenn:p July 24, 2011
57 30
The best boyfriend ever, who always makes peope smile. Sometimes makes fun of his girlfriend, but she hopes he doesn't mean it. The sweetest boy ever. Pretty darn cute, and knows exactly how to make a bad day good again.
You're so lucky to be dating a Kristopher.
by Anwen ;) May 16, 2011
61 37
one with kindness in their heart", "a gentle soul", and "one who is dearly loved" & "one with many piercings.
"Kristopher is so sweet"!;
"Forget that look at all of those piercings"!
by Afton Runner July 01, 2010
49 40
Proper Noun: The pretentious version of "Christopher", most often seen used by pubescent goths, hipsters and other egocentric failures desperate to make themselves different.
" misspelt your name."
"Nah, I changed it to Kristopher."
"You daft sod."

"Kristopher? Bloody hell, your parents really couldn't afford an abortion."
by sub-sonic December 14, 2011
13 81