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The most horribly fascinating girl you will ever meet, complicated to understand and impossible to stay mad at, she will disappoint you often but in the end you will find that you still love her regardless. She has a good heart and means the best but her brain is highly polluted and she is capable of destroying the world so approach with caution. Can be characterized by a nice smile, pretty eyes, and has an affinity to be awkwardly adorable. Weaknesses include holy water, tall men, a stake through the heart and apples.
I spotted a wild Kristle yesterday.
by Tnt789 February 05, 2010
to damn kool for y'all fools !~
oh we love KRISTLE. When i grow up i wanna be just like KRISTLE *sigh*
by sex aye February 12, 2003
being so crazy that you pluck all your eyelashes out
Oh wow why did you kristle your eyelashes you crazy nut?
by HaLOLha February 07, 2010