a smart and talented actress who loves literature, working on indie films and creating her own fashion statements.

extremely unpretentious
she lives a fairly private life
"yo what did you think of that movie twilight?"
"ugh kristen stewart blew"
"nah dude she's totally boss...owned bella swan"
by cwik January 03, 2009
A very talented and amazing actress who is unlike any other stupid celebrity because shes not a fame-whore and doesnt party all night. Shes very smart and is her own person, and currently has a lot of haters because theyre jealous that she gets to kiss Robert Pattinson.
Hey have u seen Into the wild?

Yeaa! Kristen Stewart is amazing in it!!!!
by Kstew fan October 14, 2009
The amazingly hot and tallented young actress that all men want to bang.
Dude did you see that new Kristen Stewart movie? I would totally tap that shizz.
by Sand Strom August 04, 2009
Dumb bitch who gets to kiss Robert Pattinson in Twilight.
Also plays in:
Panic Room
Catch That Kid
The Messengers
In The Land Of Women
What Just Happened

And she smokes weed :]
Oh, did you see Kristen Stewart in "Twilight", she got to kiss Robert Pattinson, lucky trick.
by tawnie :D January 29, 2009
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