An extremely untalented, self-posessed, annoying, snagletoothed "celebrity" that is most famous for playing the role of Isabella Swan in the best selling book series, Twilight
"Hey, did you see Twilight last night??,"says nerd 1
"Yea man that Kristen Stewart chick is ugly as hell don't you think?," says nerd 2.
"Totally. She wrecked the whole movie...," says nerd 1.
by Bob Lawblaw October 16, 2009
An actress best known for playing in Twilight. She needs to get a personality and shampoo.
Kristen Stewart plays Bella in Twilight? Ew. Emily Browning should have been cast as her.
by Mrs. Felton January 07, 2010
Useless, ugly pile of white trash who horribly portrays Bella Swan in the movie "Twilight." Off set, she excessively smokes pot and crosses her eyes. Makes bad choices like getting a black mullet to make her look like a man. On set, she is a dumb he-she who gets to kiss Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner; also excessively crosses her eyes. Be careful when talking to her; she has an atrocious stutter and does not make straight eye contact.
Random Person: Hey, how did that mirror break ?

Other Random Person: Oh, I tried to put a picture of Kristen Stewart on it.
by Dic101 August 10, 2009
Kristen Stewart a bad actress who should not even have become an actress at all, Man looking and is a pot-head. She has acted in movies like Twilight and Catch a Kid which I think are 2 of the worst movies ever made.
Name one Actress that smokes weed?

Oh, I got it Kristen Stewart.

Good One!
by MotoDef204 June 24, 2010
A girl who does not play a different character in her movies, but plays herself... over and over again. In magazine articles is said to be awkward and shy, so why is she playing a lead role in a major movie? Nobody knows.
Stanley: You are excited... why?
Stanley: Yeah you just keep thinking that.
by lovelygiirl1234 September 01, 2010
Totally gorgeous, down-to-earth actress. Best known for playing Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. Wears her hair in a stunningly beautiful messy way. One of a tiny minority of celebrities that is a real human being.

Normal person: Yea sometimes it can be lonely at the top.
by MG42reporting May 27, 2013
The most realist person in Hollywood. Everyone has already decided that they hate her because shes in Twilight. Named Forbes Top Paid Actress which caused more people to hate her. If you actually watch her interviews you would see that shes very down to earth and speaks very passionately of the movies shes promoting. She can be a very awkward which makes her more like a regular person unlike other celebrities who act perfect. Shes the girl that everyone loves to hate.
Person 1: "Omg Kristen Stewart is Forbes Highest Paid Actress yet she dresses like a hobo"

Person 2: "Or like a normal person, at least shes not a Kardashian and flaunting her money"
by JennaLove July 03, 2012

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