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Useless, ugly pile of white trash who horribly portrays Bella Swan in the movie "Twilight." Off set, she excessively smokes pot and crosses her eyes. Makes bad choices like getting a black mullet to make her look like a man. On set, she is a dumb he-she who gets to kiss Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner; also excessively crosses her eyes. Be careful when talking to her; she has an atrocious stutter and does not make straight eye contact.
Random Person: Hey, how did that mirror break ?

Other Random Person: Oh, I tried to put a picture of Kristen Stewart on it.
by Dic101 August 10, 2009
Worst movie/ casting director ever to be born. Uses the word "sexy" excessively, and ruined the movie "Twilight." One of the main causes of global warming.
How Catherine Hardwicke causes global warming: casting Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.
by Dic101 August 10, 2009
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