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German for cancer, American for one badass motherfucker

This guy is krebs yo!
by Zac Krebs March 29, 2003
(K) kill (R) really (E) easy (B) bitches... Live by it and die by it
-hey dude lets get krebed

-I'm definitely gonna get krebed

-I'm so Kreb

-Kreb me

-we're krebed
by KevinK14 January 23, 2014
Another usage for the word "Penis"
1. - "My Kreb is itchy"
2. - "Suck my Kreb!"
by Seth Amanda September 11, 2007
to hang out, lay around, lounge, doing nothing of importance
look at all ya'll krebbin' on the couch, doing nothing with your lives!
by jkit September 22, 2004
another word for pubic crabs.
Man my krebs are itchin today!!
by Hawker February 13, 2004
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