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Koreanize (v)- To play mind games with a member of the opposite sex whom the subject likes in a manner similar to a typical Korean drama. The act of Koreanizing is usually performed as a method of making the victim chase/pursue the subject. However, these mixed signals usually result in confusion and broken hearts over a period of time.

The majority of Koreanizers are Korean women, however both men and non-Koreans are capable of Koreanizing.

Koreanization (n)- The act of Koreanizing someone.
Koreanizer (n)- A person who is especially good at Koreanizing.
Example 1:
Suppose these two people are flirting and the Korean girl says
Girl: Dan I really like you! You better add me on facebook!
Guy: I don't know how to spell your name so you should add me on facebook!
Girl: *turns around and walks away*
Guy: Man I just got Koreanized.

Example 2:
Suppose a guy and a Korean girl hit it off at a party. They make out, hold hands etc. She is sitting on the guys lap and the guy says
Guy: Hey, I have to leave now, give me your number and I'll call you sometime.
Girl: No! I'm not giving you my number!
Guy: Really? Just give me your number.
Girl: Nope!
Guy: Okay... well I'm going now so I guess I won't call you then.
Girl: Okay bye.
Guy: Uhh can you get off my lap now?... Fucking Koreanizing women...

*The examples above are genuine examples of Koreanization performed by real Korean women on me*
by OM NOM WOM October 11, 2010
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