Also known as the Qu'ran, it is the Muslim holy book.
before i go to the mosque, i make sure to read at leat a chapter of the Koran
by Koz March 03, 2005
The sacred text of Islam, considered by Muslims to contain the revelations of God as a guidence for humankind.
The Koran is a varient of Quran or Qur'an (spelled different ways).
by Maryam April 18, 2005
it's actually spelt "Quaran" in English, so idk why people say Koran.

anyway - it's the holy book of the muslims. it talks all about peace and teaches us the way of life. The Quaran does not teach us to hate, it teaches us to love one another. no matter what race, religion or color. Many people think Muslims are crazy when we're not, the crazy ones are the ones who are bombing the US and other parts of the world. To allah god they are not muslims because they participate in bad acts and if you kill someone in islam, you go to hell.

Forget everything you've heard about Muslims being terrorists. You'll realize how peaceful they actually are if you visit the Middle East.

Al Qaeda is Islam gone bad, just like the KKK is christianity gone bad.
Person 1 :yo man does the koran have the answers to everything?

Person 2 : sure does.
by Misjudged June 16, 2010
The holy book in Islam. Many people assume its a guideline of war of terrorism. But those people are just ignorant.
Have you read the koran, its all about peace. Those who think otherwise are completely ignorant.
by crakagrin October 20, 2008
Koran is the holly book of the Muslims.
It is a book full of wisdoms and many answers to the meaning of live.
It helps people make better choices and live their lives more useful.
At this point it’s the most fast growing religion on the planet.
To me and many this indicates that this is the one and only true religion.
Its not only the Arabs that are strict Muslims, out of research you can state that many western people turn to the Islam. The Koran exists out of holly manuscripts that god send to our profit.

Also it’s a fact that the Koran is the only holly book that has never changed trough out time.
(the koran holly book of the islam)
by Sabra2010 June 24, 2010
The holy texts of the religion Islam containing the words of the porphet Muhammed. Can be seen as somewhat of an equivalent to the christian bible and and the jewish kabbalah. As all holy texts it is submitted to many different interpretations, which in turn has led to religious movements and even war. An example of this is the jihad issued towards the western world by al Qaeda.
To me it's just a book, but many sees the Koran as the most important texts in the history of civilization
by Q-Fisk January 16, 2006

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