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it's actually spelt "Quaran" in English, so idk why people say Koran.

anyway - it's the holy book of the muslims. it talks all about peace and teaches us the way of life. The Quaran does not teach us to hate, it teaches us to love one another. no matter what race, religion or color. Many people think Muslims are crazy when we're not, the crazy ones are the ones who are bombing the US and other parts of the world. To allah god they are not muslims because they participate in bad acts and if you kill someone in islam, you go to hell.

Forget everything you've heard about Muslims being terrorists. You'll realize how peaceful they actually are if you visit the Middle East.

Al Qaeda is Islam gone bad, just like the KKK is christianity gone bad.
Person 1 :yo man does the koran have the answers to everything?

Person 2 : sure does.
by Misjudged June 16, 2010
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