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An extremely, well looking, athletic man. Often compared to such people as Fabio, and Brett Favre. Can be used in context of describing a large genital oraface as well as an aphrodesiack for women.
"You look so Kolby today"
"Hey, thats one big Kolby you got"
"How do you get so much KOlby"
by Jimmers Vanfucksalot February 10, 2008
an extremely sexy guy. sometimes worshipped for hours on end by women.he is definately the sexiest guy alive
look at that guy, he is so kolby!
by blaghh September 22, 2008
A sweet guy that Is caring and sensitive, often likeing to Dock.
Awww your such a kolby
by UnfailedDream March 29, 2010
gorgeous girl, tells it how it is.,a swimmer . and may be shy, but she is a lot of fun to be around.

she loves to cuddle!
kolby always wants to cuddle, doesnt matter where she is(:
by crazygirl.. May 29, 2011
is the hottest most skater kid i know!
ilike kolby's skater ways.
by meredith April 11, 2005
super sexy creole girl who is definetely the tightest person you've ever met and shes really nice
everybody loves a kolby
by kobraaa December 28, 2008
A player, sometimes a band geek and puts girls last, sometimes referred to as a "ass hole" or "self-centered jerks with small dicks" some kolby's aren't like this but as for most of them are,
oh no your going out with kolby
by Broken falling stars July 19, 2011
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