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Kohli (noun): Someone who habitually leaves a place or group of people suddenly and unexpectedly, without informing any other members of the group.

do a Kohli (verb): The act of disappearing suddenly.
Q: "Hey, where's Vikram?"

A: "He's left... man he's such a Kohli" or "Can't see him, looks like he's again done a Kohli!"
by Vikku Mhatre March 19, 2010
Someone who lives on a separate plane of existence from mere mortals. Scientifically hyperliterate and applies infinite knowledge of the cosmos to creating a perfect first born son. Kohli's are immune to fire alarms.
A: Damn, that fire *BEEEEEEEEEEEP* alarm is so loud.
B: Okay then, we'll finish the technology meeting later, lets *BEEEEEEEEP* get outside.
Kohli: But I wasn't done presenting, I'm only on slide 19.

Kohli: My son scored a perfect 2400 on his SAT.
A: Isn't your son in 7th grade?
Kohli: Yes.
by Why_yes_I_do_enjoy_eggnog July 18, 2013
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