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A person, usually of the female gender, who has a particular penchant for 'riding' a knob. The term is therefore usually used as a derogatory expletive in reference to men, implying that the said person is homosexual and therefore sub-standard
George W Bush is a bit of a knob jockey..
by Foiz April 09, 2003
A Homosexual. Imagine a man riding a horse. Now replace that horse with a man.

The horse rider is the "Knob-Jockey".
Hey Graham Norton, are you a Knob-Jockey?
by wildmurphy April 17, 2009
Meaning 1.
A Homosexual man that rides the knob/head of the penis to minimize penetration/painfulness during anal intercourse.

Meaning 2.
A anal retentive (tight assed) person that won't do a friend a small favour. The payout factor is that usually during sex the entire penis (shaft and knob) penetrates or is riden. This meaning suggests that via being a knob jockey and not a cock jockey that they are not giving the other party the satisfaction of riding the entire shaft rather than just the knob. Somewhat of a bastard.
Example 1.

Dude, I heard Rodney is a knob jockey.

Example 2.

Frances, fuck that man is so tight with is cash. Fucking knob jokcey.
by TROYum May 04, 2005
a person who literally 'jockeys' knobs/penises/cocks/dicks. ie they ride dick all day long. this person can be male or female.
look at that slut, she is a such a knobjockey. hahaha lokk at that gay bloke! he rides cock all day long! what a knobjockey!!!
by anti-knobjockey man October 24, 2003
A brown dirt cowboy
although Dale Winton has recently married I was always under the impression that he was a knob jockey
by Peter Donohoe June 27, 2003
a person, often a derogitory term for a homosexual male, who enjoys riding cock.
went to the club lastnight, it was full of complete knob jockeys
by offlyner March 30, 2006
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