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a person, often a derogitory term for a homosexual male, who enjoys riding cock.
went to the club lastnight, it was full of complete knob jockeys
by offlyner March 30, 2006
a facial feature some unfortunate ladies posess (sometimes fellows) following years and years of spunk bubbling and par-taking in bukkake as a hobby.
shes got a nice pair of tits, shame about the crustified spunk lips
by offlyner March 30, 2006
a description of the actions of someone acting like/possessing the characteristics of, a cunt.more mild then the term cunt.
the Derek is so cunty the way he is so obnoxious
by offlyner May 07, 2006
The distance one can throw a Brick in a year. The current formula for a brick year is as follows:

1 brick second = 0.46 metres = 1 second of brick throwing/collecting

1 brick launch = 2.3 metres = 5 secs = 1 entire brick throw, walk to position, reset throw

1 brick day = 39.744 km = 17280 secs

1 brick year = 14516.496 km = 6311520 secs

This is purely theoretical because the brick would last 1.75 days (30240 secs, covering 69.552km) before it stopped resembling a brick. This is a phenomenon is called a rubble length.
Thats pretty far my friend, at least 3 Brick Years i'd say.

I can't understand light-years, I wish they'd convert it to Brick Years instead.
by offlyner March 11, 2008
a term used by black folks to define, or re-define, an increasingly difficult task.
learning to tie my shoelaces was like nigganomatry of the toughest kind
by offlyner April 02, 2006
The amount of time a Brick would last before it stopped resembling a Brick, currently 1.75 days (30240 secs, covering 69.552km).
It would only take a few Brick Years, naturally taking into account the Rubble Length
by offlyner March 11, 2008
Unlike cankles ank-legs refers to a person, usually female, with legs as skinny and boney as the average, or her own, ankles.
to be a supermodel these days ank-legs are a must have
by offlyner May 21, 2006
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