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A complete cock (usually male).
What a knob end Bush is...
by Jamie September 12, 2002
60 15
Properly, the bell-end or helmet. The purple piece exposed above Kojak's turtle-neck. Used to convey displeasure at any offending person.
Beckham, you cunting useless knob-end.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
37 8
if u are a knob end u are a DICK HEAD it is a less rude way of callin some 1 or som thing DICK HEAD
ha'll you ya knobend suck ma toe
by danny kent January 14, 2004
38 15
Witless fool, gullible oaf, village idiot.
You stupid knob-end!!
by titwanker August 15, 2003
5 4
insult referring to someone being the end of a knob.
you knobend!

mary is such a knobend!
by dazzerw April 16, 2008
6 7
Preston 'Knob End' FC. Championship football team who have England Star David NUGENT playing for them!
KNOB END are playing Burnley tonight!
by Deanooooooooooo March 22, 2007
17 25