Properly, the bell-end or helmet. The purple piece exposed above Kojak's turtle-neck. Used to convey displeasure at any offending person.
Beckham, you cunting useless knob-end.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
Top Definition
A complete cock (usually male).
What a knob end Bush is...
by Jamie September 12, 2002
if u are a knob end u are a DICK HEAD it is a less rude way of callin some 1 or som thing DICK HEAD
ha'll you ya knobend suck ma toe
by danny kent January 14, 2004
Witless fool, gullible oaf, village idiot.
You stupid knob-end!!
by titwanker August 15, 2003
insult referring to someone being the end of a knob.
you knobend!

mary is such a knobend!
by dazzerw April 16, 2008
Preston 'Knob End' FC. Championship football team who have England Star David NUGENT playing for them!
KNOB END are playing Burnley tonight!
by Deanooooooooooo March 22, 2007
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