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A summoning that takes five damn minutes to be done with
I freaking dispise that damn summoning now! How dare it take that long!
by Aerish November 06, 2004
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Final Fantasy VII: Most powerful and longest summon ever made. A fest of special effects where 13 knights hit the enemy.
Duh, I summoned Knights of the Round to kick Sephiroth's ass...I better go get a magazine or something.
by Darkish November 06, 2004
Most powerful summon in the game. With the right stats, you can deal as high as 129,987 damage in one casting.

Can be used against Jenova-SYNTHESIS to give Sephiroth more HP in the final battle.

Located on the round island, in the upper right of the map. The island is surrounded by tall cliffs and filled with forests so a Gold Chocobo is required to enter.

An alternative method is collecting the Master Summon materia from the traveler in Kalm. One must defeat Emerald Weapon and collect the Earth Harp first, though.
Knights of the Round is the best summon ever!
by Dancing Mad February 09, 2011

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