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The best person to ever walk the Earth. A Kaci is the most beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing person ever. She has the most mezmorizing eyes that you could stare into forever.
That girl is definitly a Kaci!
by kmie December 22, 2008
a kaci is the most talented, sweetest, nicest, amazing person you will ever know. shes tall, skinny, so beautiful and a smile that will take your breath away. if you come across a kaci you definitly want to get to know her. any guy will fall head over hills for her so do not let her get away. the man for a kaci is willing to do anything and everything for her because he loves her and lets nothing come between him and his girl. this man for a kaci has an amazing tan body and a smile you can just melt for, so whoever this man is should go get his girl, kaci, and stop wasting time being without her.
kaci will be mine again...
by antonio7 September 23, 2011
sexy chipmunk who is a cronic surfer, who is also known as a hippopotomussiissess : ) she is black and she laughs really loud. everyone loves kaciii
omg you are such a kaci
whos a kaci
tahaaa nott you!
by suavehh December 07, 2007
The most conceited person to ever walk the Earth. A Kaci is the most arrogant, talentless, and delusional person ever. She has the biggest mouth that you want to keep shut up forever.
(I don't feel like putting an example, but I have to include the word Kaci)
by CrazyBastard41 August 17, 2011

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