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Term used to describe pain and uncomfort. Chiefly used in Britain, more commonly in the North East of England.
Adolf : "my back is knacking!!"
Joseph : "I hope you get better soon"
by naziscum November 22, 2009
"knacking"refers to knacker drinking i.e the craze of middle-class Irish teens to go drinking in fields and on beaches."on the knack"is an expression to indicate whether someone decides to "fuck the pub,the owner has enough money" and make like a true viking and go drinking in the wilds.This practice ids highly illegal and half the fun is eluding the "fuzz"(police) and getting pissed for half the price with a perfect view of the sunset.It is also preferable to teens as they have the ability to 'listen to music they actually like' outdoors rather than have to listen to "disco biscuit muzak" in clubs and "mid-life crisis tunes" in pubs"
"hey man,are you heading to the stores(nightclub) tonight?"
"nah,fuck that,man,michael tierney(the owner)has enough money.Me and the lads are going knacking on the beach.We'll get twice as much drink for our money and listen to music that we actually like for a change.Ah,sure,you know yourself it's better to go viking style"
by Wezsez April 15, 2008
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