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The act of fucking a girl with extreme power and dominance. The most common viking style move is throwing a girl over your shoulder and taking her to the bedroom for rough sex.
Duder 1: "Man I rocked that pussy last night. I threw her over my shoulder, took her to the bedroom and started hitting it so hard."

Duder 2: "Wow man! That's straight viking style right there son!"
#viking #sex #sexual intercourse #rough #hard #strong #powerful #norwegian
by westfalia December 21, 2009
A style of camping in which one kills a mid-large size animal and drags it a minimum of 2 miles back to your longhouse or campsite. Then the animal, most likely deer or elk, should be roasted for 6 hours with 10-15 of your closest viking warrior brethren and be eaten while dancing, drinking, and otherwise being merry.
Dude, you have to go camping Viking Style or else it's just a sleepover in the woods
#viking #camping #hardcore #outdoors #hunting
by Shurpa April 25, 2011
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