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Also "km" or "KM", Km is put at the beginning of a text message to tell the receiver to keep the contents of the message private (as stated in the February 2008 Man Council Mandate TM).

Chosen for how easy it is to type on virtually all cellphone keyboards (its the first choice on both T9 and iTap, and K is directly above M on qwerty keypads), Km does not stand for anything although legend states that it may stand for "Keep this Message private".

After a Km message is read, it must be deleted from the receiver's phone -- allowing a Km message to be read by someone not designated for the message is a severe violation of Man Law, as decided by the Man Council Mach II.

Km is traditionally placed in the first line of a message, followed by a few spaces or line breaks so the reader may comprehend the meaning.

Km applies to only one message, and it pertains to the entirety of the message -- partial Km's and Km's for more than one message are not allowed. Km must be declared in each message that is to remain private.
Km. I hooked up with Nicole, but her snooch smelled like armpit.
#km #privacy #texting #man council #men #law #man law
by Man Council Mach II March 13, 2008
It means Keep Mouth Shut
eg. Johnny make sure u K.M.S when your around brittany, cause u will get yourself in trouble
#careful #mouth #shut #safe #trouble
by hugie bear November 24, 2009
Kid's Mother. A term used for the mother of one's child who deserves more respect than to be called a "baby momma".
"My KM can cook her ass off. " "That chick you're staring at is my KM." "I'll always love my KM."
#baby momma #kid's mother #baby mama #baby daddy #baby momma drama #bmd
by TheRonnieC April 18, 2013
The coolest person in the entire universe. If you disagree, you are wrong.
"Damn, did you see that guy! Goes by the name of KM, I believe. Shizblam, he's the shiznit!"
by KM January 08, 2005
Telling another to kill you, as in, "kill me."
A text message conversation between John and Kim:
Kim: Did you hear that new song by Justin Bieber?
John: Yeah. KM.
by HoundExtra345 May 14, 2016
Means Kill Me or Kill Myself because you want to die or you just saw some cancer posts on social media.
This shit makes me want to KM.
by Apollo Sanos May 22, 2016
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